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Custom Design of Experiments Course

This course focuses on the core principles of designing an experiment, enabling you to understand and apply those principles to achieve an optimal design using the Custom Design platform in JMP.

Custom design is an approach to designing experiments that produces optimal designs for the problem you’re trying to solve, whether that’s identifying important effects, or trying to optimize one or more responses. In addition to learning about custom design in JMP, you’ll explore key design concepts including sample size and power, balance, choice of factor ranges, blocking, and design evaluation. This course is for anyone who works in discovery, research, development, and quality assurance or control.

Learn how to:

  • Use custom design for any experiment.
  • Choose appropriate criteria for optimal design.
  • Effectively and efficiently test factor effects or predict responses.
  • Augment existing experiments to address new questions.
  • Design and analyze experiments with hard-to-change factors.
  • Find the best factor settings to achieve desired response levels.

Duration: 4 half-day sessions

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