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Analytical Workflow Automation

The majority of Adsurgo customers are practicing engineers, scientists, and analysts—not statisticians or data scientists by trade. They need methods to efficiently conduct analysis on data that is either frequently updated or applied across multiple instances. Adsurgo efficiently writes scripts to automate the analytical process so you can focus on understanding the data to make decisions quicker rather than spending needless hours on data wrangling, repetitive modeling tasks, and report generation. We also create tools and add-ins to popular commercial software products for customized or advanced statistical methods. Watch your productivity surge with our workflow automation solutions!

Here are some recent products we’ve developed:

  • Adaptive Sampling Add-in to augment experimental designs in real-time with new runs at the most interesting part of the design space with largest response gradients.
  • Customized tool for specific methods in applied statistics, DOE, and process control for semiconductor manufacturer.
  • Text analytics tool for Fortune 5 company to analyze customer survey data and technician notes on repairs.
  • Automating project management metrics for weekly task data submissions on 100,000+ tasks for new aircraft carrier build.
  • Customizing scale down and other process development modeling efforts for large pharmaceutical company.