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Data-visualization-1Advanced mathematical and statistical modeling methods are common across many organizations. What is not common is understandable and interpretable graphical results from these sophisticated process. Data and information visualization methods exploit how human brain functions to develop graphical displays that immediately and effectively show data relationships to properly tell the story. Many common graphs from default setting from software such as MS Excel (e.g. pie charts and bar charts) can be improved to achieve greater impact.
Adsurgo uses the first principles of data visualization for both discovering valuable underlying relationships and also making high quality presentation-ready displays. We also use dynamic graphics to rapidly discover useful structure in big data.

  • Human perception
  • Exploratory data analysisdata-visualization
  • Principles of graphical excellence
  • Effective dashboard designs
  • Integrating maps
  • Animated and dynamic graphics
  • Choosing the right graph for univariate, bivariate, and multivariate data sets
  • Data visualization in predictive analytics and text mining

Do not let your outstanding analytics fall short by sending the wrong message with a poor choice of visuals! Let Adsurgo help your team understand best practices to achieve “intraocular beauty.”