JMP Courses & Training

JMP Courses & Training

adsurgo is a jmp partner

Adsurgo has training and instruction available in virtually all disciplines of applied statistics and analytics.

We can tailor a course of any length for on-site live delivery or via web-ex. Where possible, we use customer examples and data sets to better connect material to job function.

Getting Started

JMP: A Case Study Approach to Data Exploration

JMP: Statistical Decisions Using ANOVA and Regression

Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving

JMP: Graphing and Reporting with JMP

Design of Experiments & Quality Improvement

JMP: Custom Design of Experiments

JMP: Design and Analysis of Mixture Experiments

JMP: Modern Screening Designs

JMP: Statistical Process Control

JMP: Measurement System Analysis

JMP: Reliability Analysis for Non-repairable Systems

Advanced JMP & JMP Pro

JMP: Analyzing Discrete Responses

JMP: Analyzing and Modeling Multidimensional Data

JMP: Analysis of Dose-Response Curves

JMP Pro: Finding Important Predictors

JMP Pro: Predictive Modeling

JMP Pro: Exploring and Analyzing Patterns in Text Data

JMP Pro: Analyzing Curves and Profiles Using the Functional Data Explorer

JMP Scripting Language

JMP: The JMP Scripting Language

JMP: Designing and Building a Complete JMP Script

Classic Legacy

JMP: Classic Design of Experiments

JMP: Stability Analysis