Reliability and Survivability

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Reliability is the probability a system will perform its intended function for a specified duration under operational conditions. Reliability is typically associated with systems, though many of the same methods are used in the medical world to describe the human body and this field is commonly referred to as survivability. Advancement in reliability methods and technologies have increased substantially in recent years due to an increased emphasis from DOD leadership as the expected service life of many systems is now well past its design life.

Adsurgo has conducted extensive reliability training and consulting in both government and private industry. We focus on design for reliability principles and using the right probability distribution (not just the exponential or normal distribution) to adequately quantify failures. Here is a selected list of our reliability capabilities:

  • Design for reliability
  • Modeling reliability and fitting data to probability distributions
  • Reliability requireents, predictions, block diagrams, and system models
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) and fault trees
  • Reliability demonstration test design (sample size and power) and lot acceptance testing
  • (Highly) Accelerated Life Test and Environmental Stress Screening
  • Software reliability
  • Failure time regression modeling, parametric survival models, Cox proportional hazard models
  • Degradation analysis
    Reliability growth
  • Reliability centered maintenance and condition-based maintenance

Reliability has a direct impact on ownership cost and the availability of your assets. Adsurgo can partner with you to achieve a world-class reliability program.