Design of Experiments

Statistically designed experiments involve purposefully changing input variables thought to have an impact on a set of response variables or metrics. These principles have been around for a long time. Only recently has government and industry realized the powerful impact this science can have on their testing and processes. One of the top initiatives in the Department of Defense acquisition force is to properly implement DOE methods. The most senior leadership now requires justification of all testing from a DOE perspective.

Similarly, many industries have recognized the value DOE brings in likely saving experimental resources in time and assets all while better characterizing and optimizing the process. DOE is one of the core concepts central to programs such as Lean Six Sigma, Quality by Design, Total Quality Management, Design for Reliability, and Performance Excellence.

Adsurgo staff has deep experience and skills to provide customized solutions for practitioners to rapidly implement DOE techniques. We have effectively applied DOE to virtually all industries to include diverse customers from defense, biotechnology, consumer products, energy, financial services, and healthcare. We recently published a book on DOE using SAS JMP. Here are a few areas of our DOE expertise:

  • Planning effective tests and correctly choosing sample size
  • Single factor tests
  • Full and fractional factorial designs for many input factors
  • Response surface designs for process optimization
  • Custom designs and split-plot designs for realistic test conditions
  • Screening designs to determine the active subset of factors
  • Space-filling and DOE for modeling and simulation
  • Advanced visual and analytical methods for model building

Adsurgo is focused on achieving peak performance and we understand it starts with a strong strategy rooted in measurable goals and objectives.


Event Date
Design of Experiments (DOE) using JMP (1.0 days)
  • August 8, 2024 9:00 am
Advanced Design of Experiments (1.0) Days
  • August 9, 2024 9:00 am