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Analytics have sharply increased across all Government agencies as they all need to do more with less given the fiscal environment. Adsurgo has helped numerous federal organizations with advanced analytics and visualizations to solve complex problems.


Design of Experiments (DOE): The government has recognized that testing needs a statistical foundation and many departments have mandated the use of DOE. These statistically defensible methods are used to efficiently plan, design, execute and analyze tests whether a military system on a test range, a new chemical in an R&D laboratory or computer simulation models. Adsurgo is a recognized leader in DOE and has implemented disciplined programs in several agencies.

Reliability, Survival, and Degradation Analysis: This collection of methods ensures systems are designed smartly to meet sustainment requirements and predict time to failure distributions. Reliability is a top priority effort as systems are expected to have a much longer service life with constrained budgets.

Modeling and Simulation: All agencies use various fidelities of modeling and simulations to support analytic efforts. We have developed and supported numerous high-impact studies with our technical expertise and broad experience.

Data Mining/Predictive (Modeling) Analytics and Data Visualization: The government has mass quantities of data that they do not have sufficient resources or capabilities to fully exploit. Our methods allow the discovery useful patterns and relationships in data (big data or otherwise) to inform business decisions. For example, our models have informed Health and Human Services leadership of optimal strategies for managing their large fleet of FDA vehicles and also provided Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network new ways to detect money laundering activities.

Text Mining and Natural Language Processing: Approximately 80% of data is unstructured which renders classical statistical methods ineffective in finding meaningful relationships. Our methods allow us to transform data such as text from emails, voice-to-text translation, mission reports, pdfs, ppt etc so we can apply statistical methods to develop insight into common themes, trends, and expected future behavior. One application is using a collection of mission reports and emails to predict the location of Improvised Explosive Devices.


The Domestic Nuclear Device Organization in the Department of Homeland Security was required to transition all testing activities to a DOE-based approach. Adsurgo wrote a comprehensive policy and implementation guidance along with best practices for a rapid transition to DOE. We demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach on several multi-million dollar test programs where it saved on test resources and allowed DNDO to learn much more about the systems prior to committing to an expensive production decision.