healthcare, hospitals
Hospitals are run as a business. Margins are everything and all have implemented various programs and specialized teams to reduce costs. We’ve applied data driven solutions with statistics and quality engineering tools in a hospital setting to improve financial positions and clinical outcomes.
  • Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has started penalizing hospitals in the last few years for having too high readmissions relative to their baseline expected rates. We partnered with Informatica to develop a return on investment tool to quickly assess the impact of various interventions recommended in the literature. Administrators can determine the tradespace between reduced readmits against the additional cost of additional resources such as care providers, programs, and analytics.
  • Electronic health records are essential components in a patient’s history and diagnoses for treatment. Although structured fields exist, many of the data entries are unstructured text that can offer significant insight if properly analyzed. Text analytics helps discover useful patterns in EHR and provides a method to correct common input errors.
  • It is well-documented tobacco use puts additional stress on a healthcare system. Adsurgo works with Department of Defense hospitals to measure the impact of interventions and manage trends over time through statistical process control measures.