Who We Are

puzzle-wrapped-upLet Adsurgo help you ascend with analytics.

Adsurgo provides direct engagement consulting services and training workshops focused on the use of analytics. Our passion is for solving interesting, challenging, and meaningful problems in collaborative, team-based engagements with our clients.

About Our Services

Adsurgo consultants are industry professionals who draw from their broad base of analytical and problem solving skills to provide collaborative, team-based consulting engagements that not only solve challenging problems, but teach you how to solve them. Our unique process involves truly understanding the problem, teaching the necessary skills, solving the problem so the client understands how the skills are applied, then transferring the necessary skills to the client such that dependence on us is gradually diminished to the point of complete autonomy.

The Industries We Serve

Adsurgo consultants have deep experience across many, diverse industries. They have a proven track record of problem solving and delivering results in the government/defense, manufacturing, pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, chemical processing, healthcare, banking and finance, and mining industries. They have built a reputation for successfully applying quantitative techniques to ensure product, process, and service quality.