JMP: Analysis of Dose-Response Curves

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Analysis of Dose-Response Curves Course

This course helps you fit a sigmoid model to your dose-response curve data, select the best model, assess the model fit, determine whether two curves are parallel, determine the EC50 or relative potency, and optimize the doses and assay replication for the reference standard curve.

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between linear and nonlinear models of data.
  • Describe the important characteristics of a good model of dose-response data.
  • Identify features of the model (parameters) that relate to the shape of the dose-response curve.
  • Control the nonlinear fitting process.
  • Decide whether and how to weight the response.
  • Use criteria to select a model from a library of logistic functions.
  • Set up nonlinear regression for custom models.

Duration: 2 half-day sessions

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