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HHS-DCAdsurgo was tasked by the Food and Drug Administration to implement a data visualization solution and recommend methods to minimize the fleet costs through divestiture or realignment. After significant data cleaning and database queries, we used graphical discovery methods in combination with predictive analytics to find impact in EPA mandate compliance, cars-at-home policy, effectiveness of biofuels, and fleet efficiency. The project resulted in desire to use methodology across the Department of Health and Human Services. We provided FDA with an approach and on-line tool using a cutting-edge data visualization product for their managers to assess fleetwide metrics in near real-time.
FinCen-LogoAdsurgo was tasked by US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to provide data extraction, transformation, and analytical services to evaluate the flow of money into and out of various agents and companies. Data cleaning and visualization techniques followed by predictive modeling provided insightful relationships and new tracking methods.