Text Mining

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As much as 80% of data in an organization is unstructured or text data. The trend given the internet of things is more and more data in the future but less capability to derive any utility from this resource so much effort has been placed on collecting. Text data is common in survey analyses, voice-to-text translations, web scraping studies, social media studies, competitor analytics, email and so forth. There are methods available that do a surprisingly good job with the seemingly unruly data source of finding common themes, grouping like documents, grouping like words, and using the unstructured text in conjunction with structured variables.
Adsurgo has developed tools, consulted with numerous industries and companies, and provided comprehensive training in text analytics. We provide concepts and tools that practitioners (not just advanced statistical users) can immediately use to make sense of text data. Some areas of text expertise include:

  • Collecting text by web-mining and social media
  • Pre-processing text to remover unwanted words, characters, and documents
  • Topic modeling using Latent Semantic Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • Grouping documents and grouping words
  • Using unstructured text for predictive analytics
  • Sentiment analysis and social media analysis

Let Adsurgo harness the power of text mining for you to unlock critical information from your vast stores of unstructured data.