Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Course Overview:

This course is for engineers, scientists, analysts, and technicians looking to efficiently explore their existing volumes of data to create models to impact future business decisions.

Course Objectives:

  • Be able to prepare data for modeling by handling outliers, missing values, and redundant inputs
  • Know how to use powerful dynamic graphical capabilities to rapidly generate hypotheses
  • Be able to manipulate large datasets to quickly determine summary information
  • Understand advanced multivariate modeling techniques such as neural networks, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, and tree models to discover relationships and the most important predictor variables
  • Know how to compare models and deploy them for operational use

Course Description:

This course presents the concepts and tools necessary to transform your potentially large and disparate raw data sets into valuable information leading to insightful discoveries. Common data mining and business analytics algorithms are explored and used to solve a variety of case studies tailored to the customer’s business processes.