Pharmaceuticals: Applying Statistical Methods for Process Validation


Date: Nov 13, 2018
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern
Instructor: W. Heath Rushing, Adsurgo
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Cost: complimentary

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided a guidance for industry in 2011 that has established a framework for process validation in the pharmaceutical industry. This guidance, titled “Process Validation: General Principles and Practices” consists of a three-stage process. The three stages are 1) Process Design, 2) Process Qualification, and 3) Continued Process Verification. Although established for the pharmaceutical industry, it also provides a useful framework for other industries. This course focuses on how to establish a systematic approach to implementing statistical methodologies into a process development and validation program consistent with the FDA guidance. This course teaches the application of statistics for setting specifications, assessing measurement systems (assays), using design of experiments (DOE), developing a control plan as part of a risk management strategy, and ensuring process control/capability. All concepts are taught within the three-stage product cycle framework defined by requirements in the process validation regulatory guidance documents. Analyses in this course use the point-and-click interface of JMP software.

Webinar Goals

    • • Stage 1 – Process Design
      • • utilize risk management tools to identify and prioritize potential critical process parameters
      • • define critical process parameters and operating spaces for the commercial manufacturing process using design of experiments (DOE).
      • • develop a control plan as part of a risk management strategy
    • • Stage 2 – Process Qualification
      • • assess scale effects while incorporating large (pilot) scale data
      • • develop process performance qualification (PPQ) acceptance criteria by characterizing intra and inter-batch variability using process design data and batch homogeneity studies
    • • Stage 3 – Continued Process Verification
      • • collect and analyze product and process data
      • • ensure your process is in (statistical) control and capable.


      • • Guidance on the need for statistical methods in process validation for pharmaceuticals.
      • • Statistical Methods in Stage 1 – Process Design.
      • • Statistical Methods in Stage 2 – Process Qualification
      • • Statistical Methods in Stage 3 – Continued Process Verification

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