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Heath Rushing


Heath Rushing, cofounder and principal of Adsurgo, is a spirited problem solver and leader with a wealth of expertise in quality engineering, applied statistical methods, lean six sigma, operations research, and training. As a JMP and Six Sigma training manager for SAS, he led a team of technical professionals designing and delivering statistics and quality continuing education courses, where he earned an award for being the top external contributor to annual JMP software sales. Mr. Rushing acquired his industrial experience as a principal quality engineer for Amgen where he developed and implemented numerous innovative statistical methods advancing corporate risk management, process characterization, technology transfer, and analytical method validation. Mr. Rushing also served as an officer in the US Air Force as a test and intelligence operations analyst and Academy professor.

A few examples of his past work include:

  • Creation and delivery of customized professional training courses on a breadth of quality engineering topics including design of experiments (DOE), statistical process control (SPC), quality by design (QbD), and measurement systems analysis (MSA); and custom tailoring for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, chemical processing, banking and defense.
  • Company-wide integration of the use of statistical experimental design techniques into process development and characterization for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial products as well analytical method validation and transfer.
  • Risk assessment of a clinical manufacturing facility's deionized water system utilizing decision analysis techniques that resulted in savings of $434K.
  • Application of Six Sigma methodology in a black belt role for a large manufacturing process improvement project that led to a per-batch rolling throughput yield increase of 2-5%.
  • Design and implementation of a statistically based automated container fill compensation program that significantly reduced manufacturing set-up time while virtually eliminating associated defects.
  • Biostatistical research as lead investigator on a project to find a relationship between a genetic defect and apparent infertility caused by unrecognizable recurrent miscarriages.

Mr. Rushing was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the US Air Force Academy where he won the top teaching award and was recognized as the best course director in the Statistics Division. He is also currently an Adjunct Professor for the Colorado School of Mines where he teaches courses on computer simulation, operations research, and quality improvement. Mr. Rushing has been repeatedly sought out for his expertise and teaching skills in delivering presentations and workshops at numerous national and international conferences.

M.S., Operations Research, US Air Force Institute of Technology
B.S., Operations Research, US Air Force Academy